Information for consumers about HKA certification

Education programs and workshops

Houston Kashruth Association is committed to education of the Houston Jewish Community in maintaining kashrut in the home or business. 

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HKA Membership

Become a member of the Houston Kashruth Association by completing on-line membership form and making a tax-deductible membership donation.

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HKA Recognized Agencies

As a public service, the HKA is presenting a list of common acceptable kosher symbols and their agencies’ contact information. The fact that a particular agency does not appear on this list does not imply that the HKA has determined it to be substandard.

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Keeping Kosher

What does kosher mean? Kosher does not mean food blessed by a rabbi. The word kosher means fit or proper. The laws for kosher food originated in the Bible. 

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Passover information

Each year, the festival of Passover comes to Jews worldwide. Proper adherence to the halacha of Pesach is of prime concern of the Houston Kashruth Asociations (HKA) and Jews all over. 

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Request in-home services

Houston Kashrut Association (HKA) is committed to helping the Houston Jewish Community with observing the laws of keeping Kosher in the home. We are pleased to offer in-home kosher inspection and kashering services

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