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About HKA

The Houston Kashruth Association (HKA) is a non-profit organization offering kosher supervision and certification (kosher approval for products) around the world throughout the year, including Passover supervision. Based in Houston, Texas, the HKA has provided quality kosher supervision to food establishments and manufacturers for more than 35 years.

The Staff

Mrs. Tzivia Weiss – Executive Director Rabbi Mark Urkowitz – Senior Rabbinic Administrator Rabbi Nosson Dubin – Rabbinic Administrator

HKA Activities

The HKA supervises local restaurants, caterers, hotels, supermarkets, bakeries, manufacturing facilities, and other kosher establishments. The HKA also:
  • Researches and monitors new developments in the food industry.
  • Publishes a monthly newsletter with the latest information about kosher products and issues.
  • Sends out e-mail kosher alerts.
  • Conducts educational seminars for consumers and institutions about kosher.
  • Supports a hotline to answer all kosher-related questions.
  • Expands the availability of kosher food products in Houston.
  • Produces the “Kosher Guide to Houston”.


National Kashrut Agencies Relationships HKA is a member of the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO). HKA is recognized by the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) and has an excellent working relationship with national kashrut agencies like the OU, Star-K, Kof-K, Circle K and others. As a public service, the HKA is presenting a list of common acceptable kosher symbols and their agencies’ contact information. The fact that a particular agency does not appear on this list does not imply that the HKA has determined it to be substandard. Kosher Agencies List

HKA Rabbinic Council

The HKA is overseen by a Rabbinic Council and Board of Directors. The Rabbinic Council is made up of the following Rabbis:
Rabbi Yehoshua Wender, Young Israel of Houston, chair.
Rabbi Yitzchak Sprung, United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston.
Rabbi Daniel Masri, Congregation Beth Rambam.
Rabbi Bressler, Meyerland Minyan.

The Board

President Steven Plumb UOS Treasurer Larry Ellard MM Secretary Hetty Perl YI
Alex Gonik TV Marshall Levit MM Ben Helstein BR Gary Katz YI Brian Thum MM Asher Lenga TV Shoshana Isaacson YI Joan Foster OA Rabbi Horvitz BY Dr. Gottesman BY Reuven Bisk BR Board Formation in Process. If you would like to be represent your Synagogue please contact the HKA –

Certification Process

The certification process includes the following steps:

No Obligation Application

The first step is to complete the application on line. The information you include provides us with a profile of your company, the raw ingredients used, and your products and/or services. Please be assured that all the information you provide us will be held in strict confidence.


Initial Inspection

Kosher certification requires a thorough review of all ingredients used in the plant, plant equipment, and manufacturing processes. HKA personnel, trained in food technology and familiar with the food industry and ingredients, visit your plant. They will consult with HKA Rabbinic Council to determine whether your plant meets requirements for kosher certification.


After a detailed evaluation of the ingredients, equipment and products, the HKA will submit a proposed contract outlining the terms of certification for your approval. This contract will detail all the requirements and obligations of both parties, including a list of all approved ingredients and products.

Obtaining your Letter of Certification

After the HKA receives the signed contract indicating consent to all mutually agreed upon terms, and we have verified that all conditions have been met, a letter of certification authorizing the printing of the HKA symbol will be forwarded.

An Ongoing Relationship

After the contract is signed, regular periodic visits will be made by a HKA Rabbinic field representative. On these visits he will check ingredients, products, labels, etc. in order to monitor and audit compliance with the terms of the agreement. If, at any time after the commencement of certification, your company wishes to introduce a new product or to make changes to the approved list of ingredients, the Kashrus Administrator assigned to your company should be notified. We will work with you in a timely fashion to seek approval for these changes and to resolve any other issues which may arise while the kosher certification is in effect. Your newly certified company will now be listed in our products directory and on our website. We at the HKA are committed to making your kosher certification experience an efficient and beneficial one. This is only the beginning of what we hope will be an ongoing relationship between your company and the HKA. We appreciate your interest in HKA Kosher Certification.