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Sunbeam and Nature’s Own Update

July 7, 2010
The Sunbeam and Nature’s Own kosher breads now have the letters HKA ink jetted after the expiration date. Be sure to check each loaf before purchase.

May 2010 Bulletin

May 28, 2010
The HKA would like to inform you about some significant kashrut changes made in recent weeks.
One that many of us will miss is Pace Picante Sauce as it is no longer certified as Kosher.  I guess we will have to buy those products that are made “innn Neww Yoork City”!

From the COR 
This is to advise that Chocolate Signatures Inc — COR 669- is no longer under COR certification.  Certification has been terminated due to kashrus violations. Any product manufactured from March 29, 2010 and after, should not be used even when bearing a COR symbol. 

From the OU

Williams-Sonoma Mixes
Brands: Williams-Sonoma
1. Lounge Mix (Assorted Nuts)
2. Classic Sugar Cookie Mix
Company: Williams-Sonoma – San Francisco, CA
Issue: These certified products contain dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

Bouchon Bakery Waffle Mix
Brands: Bouchon Bakery
Products: Cinnamon Pecan Waffle Mix
Company: Williams-Sonoma – San Francisco, CA
Issue: This certified product was manufactured using dairy equipment, but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

From recent personal experiences of the author.

 A caterer brought in 2 boxes of unbaked dough rolls.   One had an OU and the other had a Tablet-K.  He insisted that he had used both “for years”.   The Tablet-K is not approved and he had to go back to the supplier for OU approved product.   Lesson learned:  Even if you have used something “for years” the Hechsher can change or even disappear, as in the next recent incident, and one should periodically check all items periodically, that you buy.

Hechsher “disappeared”.   A facility was using sliced jalapenos for years, there was a tiny – and I mean tiny – OU on the label.  But to make things more complicated the label had a pattern of polka dots that made the hechsher hard to find in the first place.  A new shipment had recently come in and I was making one of my regular “confirm the hechshers” days so I looked at the jars.  The OU was no longer on the label.  Of the 3 jars, one still had the hechsher, the other 2 had to be returned.

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Announcement: Sunbeam and Nature’s Own breads

May 13, 2010
Sunbeam and Nature’s Own breads are now certified as kosher. Please check the ink jet expiration date to make sure that it was produced at plant 118. In the near future the letters HKA will be added to the expiration date/plant number.

This will apply only to breads, and not to buns or rolls.

Certified items:

Sunbeam brand
Giant bread
1.5 lb sandwich
20 oz round top white

Nature’s Own Brand
White wheat 20 oz
Light wheat 16 oz
Light honey wheat 16 oz
Honey wheat 20 oz
Whole grain sugar free 20 oz
100% whole wheat 20oz
Honey wheat sandwich 24 oz
Light sourdough 16 oz
Honey seven grain 20 oz
Double fiber 20 oz
White wheat sandwich 24 oz

Passover Announcement and Kashruth Alerts

March 23, 2010
** Kosher for Passover Milk **
The following brands of kosher for passover milk will be available starting March 25-26 in gallon and half-gallon size containers that say KP-10 after the expiration date of 4/9 4/10.

Wholesome Foods
Market Pantry
Orange Juice will also be available in gallon and half-gallon sizes, but must say KP-10 next to expiration date.

** cRc Kashrus Alert **
Only those packages of Ancient Harvest and Trader Joe’s brand of whole grain quinoa that bear either the Star K or the Half Moon K are manufactured in a chometz free facility and are therefore accepted for use for those that eat quinoa on pesach. Packages of these labels bearing the OU are manufactured in a different facility and are not necessarily made in a chometz free facility and are not recommended for use on Pesach.

** OU Kosher Alerts **
Lee Kum Kee’s Teriyaki Sauce bears an unauthorized OU symbol and is being withdrawn from the marketplace.

Bakery at Walmart- Mini Crispy Bites with Marshmallows (UPC code 0 78742 20168 9) and Mini Crispy Bites with Marshmallows (UPC code 0 78742 20167 2) bear an unauthorized OU symbol and are being withdrawn from the marketplace.

Passover Coke and Kashruth Alert

March 18, 2010
Kosher for Passover regular and diet coke are available in Houston area stores. They have a yellow cap with OU-P on the cap.

The confectioner’s sugar sold by Wal-Mart under their Great Value brand is mistakenly labeled as being kosher for Passover. The product, although certified kosher for year-round use by United Mehadrin, is NOT certified for Passover use.

Passover Information

March 17, 2010
1. The following caterers will be kosher for passover:
Fresh Foods Catering (Martine Levine)
Jenny Tavor Custom Catering
Nosher (JCC)

All items must be sealed with red imprinted tape with the HKA logo, or sealed with 2×4″ labels which read HKA kosher for Passover and the name of the caterer.

2. The Kroger #313 and Randalls Meyer Park will be kosher for Passover as of 3/21/10. Items placed in the refrigerated cases must have a sticker attached indicating that they are kosher for Passover.

3. We will have an update shortly when kosher for Passover milk will be available in Houston supermarkets.

4. Various supermarkets will be carrying pre cut fruit and vegetables under the NatureBest Pre-cut and produce label. All the pre cut vegetable and fruit packages are kosher for Passover. An HKA logo is NOT required to be on the package. The certification does not include leafy vegetables, such as parsley, cilantro and all varieties of lettuce

Pesach (Passover) Guide for those with Diabetes

March 11, 2010
Notice from the Jewish Diabetic Society:
Pesach (Passover) Guide for those with Diabetes is available at the Jewish Diabetes Association website. Even if you don’t need this personally, pass this valuable guide on to others who may need it.

Kosher for Passover Coke and Kashruth Alerts

February 26, 2010
Kosher for Passover Coke and Kashruth Alerts
Coke products for Passover will be available in Houston again this year. A future announcement will provide more details.

The national kosher organizations have informed us that KSA certified products are now acceptable but only if product is from USA/Canada.

Several KC Masterpiece, Hidden Valley, and HV Manufacturing brands of sauces and marinades will no longer be certified and the OU symbol has been removed. As always, consumers are urged to verify the presence of the OU symbol when purchasing products.

Alert sent out by the Scroll K: Hammond Assorted Chocolates Gold Square Gift Box,and Assorted Chocolates Red Square Gift Boxs included non-certified candied almonds. These boxes have been incorrectly labeled with a Scroll K D. Corrective measures were taken: the labels are being changed for current orders to be without the Scroll K D. These 2 gift boxes should NOT be used.

Alert from OU: Michele’s Maple Creme Syrup, Honey Creme Syrup, and Butter Pecan Syrup bear an unauthorized OU symbol. Corrective action is being taken.

All products manufactured by Dakota Valley, Willow Lake, South Dakota, are no longer certified by the cRc, even when bearing the cRc on the label. Products packaged under their “Peanotz” label include roasted nuts, soybean nuts and corn.

OU-certified Williams-Sonoma Lounge Mix (Assorted Nuts) and Classic Sugar Cookie Mix contain dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

OU-certified Williams-Sonoma’s Bouchon Cinnamon Pecan Waffle Mix was manufactured using dairy equipment, but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

Kashruth Alerts

January 21, 2010
** Star-K Alerts **
Packages for Celestial Seasonings English Toffee and Decaf Vanilla Maple Teas, printed for Canada with French on the label, were labeled incorrectly as pareve with the Star-K hechsher. The products are actually certified by the Scroll-K and are dairy (cholov stam).

Kosher Mighty Smart is no longer being produced at this time, but is still available from Shaklee distributors. Only Mighty Smart DHA Dietary Supplement Chews SKU #20058 when bearing the Star-K symbol is Kosher certified (Pareve/Dagim) due to the inability to continue sourcing a Kosher Fish Oil powder at this time.

** cRc Alert **
Products from LifeSource 4 Life, Beaverton. OR, bear an unauthorized cRc.

** OU Alerts **
Best Choice Gourmet Onion Rings (16oz and 20oz) bear an unauthorized OU symbol and are being withdrawn from the marketplace.

Piknik Ranch Dressing bears an unauthorized OU symbol.

Uncle Bens Hearty Soup Broccoli Cheese & Rice bears an unauthorized OU-D symbol and is not certified by the Orthodox Union.

M & M’s Milk Chocolate Candies in a 2oz colored metal shell container with an “S” mistakenly contains a bag of Skittles which is a non-kosher candy.