May 2010 Bulletin

May 28, 2010
The HKA would like to inform you about some significant kashrut changes made in recent weeks.
One that many of us will miss is Pace Picante Sauce as it is no longer certified as Kosher.  I guess we will have to buy those products that are made “innn Neww Yoork City”!

From the COR 
This is to advise that Chocolate Signatures Inc — COR 669- is no longer under COR certification.  Certification has been terminated due to kashrus violations. Any product manufactured from March 29, 2010 and after, should not be used even when bearing a COR symbol. 

From the OU

Williams-Sonoma Mixes
Brands: Williams-Sonoma
1. Lounge Mix (Assorted Nuts)
2. Classic Sugar Cookie Mix
Company: Williams-Sonoma – San Francisco, CA
Issue: These certified products contain dairy ingredients as listed on the ingredient panel but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

Bouchon Bakery Waffle Mix
Brands: Bouchon Bakery
Products: Cinnamon Pecan Waffle Mix
Company: Williams-Sonoma – San Francisco, CA
Issue: This certified product was manufactured using dairy equipment, but the dairy designation has been inadvertently omitted. Future packaging will be revised.

From recent personal experiences of the author.

 A caterer brought in 2 boxes of unbaked dough rolls.   One had an OU and the other had a Tablet-K.  He insisted that he had used both “for years”.   The Tablet-K is not approved and he had to go back to the supplier for OU approved product.   Lesson learned:  Even if you have used something “for years” the Hechsher can change or even disappear, as in the next recent incident, and one should periodically check all items periodically, that you buy.

Hechsher “disappeared”.   A facility was using sliced jalapenos for years, there was a tiny – and I mean tiny – OU on the label.  But to make things more complicated the label had a pattern of polka dots that made the hechsher hard to find in the first place.  A new shipment had recently come in and I was making one of my regular “confirm the hechshers” days so I looked at the jars.  The OU was no longer on the label.  Of the 3 jars, one still had the hechsher, the other 2 had to be returned.

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